Silapulapu aka Lapu-lapu of Mactan

Courtesy of GMA 7- Lupang Hinirang (GMA 7) video

To learn more about Datu Silapulapu click here –

“Datu Silapulapu”

Note – “Their holding the Kalasag (Shield) wrong, the round shape of the kalasag should be below not above”

“Conquestadors on the shorelines”


“Abaniko or Pamaypay style of Filipino Kali perhaps? :)”

Note – “Thier holding the Kampilan (Sword) wrong, the straight edge of the sword should be facing forward””

We all know what happen to Magellan during that day! Rest in Peace””

  1. Carlo Kuan Enad said:

    Im not sure, but this was in GMA’s docu about Philippine gold but isn’t the sash thing that’s worn by Lapu-lapu like super heavy and was only used for ceremonies? Coz the original bust (statue) that held the thing for display broke after a while and they had to get one that was more tough.

  2. Carlo Kuan Enad said:

    Also if he was using a kampilan, the sheath shouldn’t have been there. The sheaths of kampilans are made up of 2 separate pieces of wood tied together? And the kampilans I have seen are impossible to remove from the sheath unless you opened them up.

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